Hand washing just went from “Aww” to “Aww Yeah”!

- Mom of Taylor (6) and Bodi (4)

Your kids will beg you to wash hands with SPLATZ™

Bursting bubbles of all natural hand soap!

These irresistible balls of fun literally go SPLAT! when kids wash their hands.

Typical hand soap is borrrrring. Kids love SPLATZ because they are fun, parents love them because they get the job done in one.

Go from a zero to a hygiene hero with SPLATZ! Good personal care habits start at home.

Save $10 on your first order and for a limited time get a free Handy Dispenser and free shipping!

"Our 5-year-old LOVES these bursting soap balls."
- Angela S.

SPLATZ - Bursting Bundle + FREE Handy Dispenser

Your SPLATZ Bursting FUN Bundle comes with two 20oz containers of soap, as well as a FREE Handy Dispenser.

Simply transfer the soap into the handy dispenser, use one SPLATZ soap bubble per wash.

  • • Natural, biodegradable ingredients with a light citrus scent
  • • Promotes healthy habits
  • • Developed by a mom and two Harvard/MIT scientists (dads)
  • • Made in USA!
  • • 2x 20oz bottles ~ 300 SPLATZ

• FREE Handy Dispenser

  • • Every sale supports, a nonprofit of celebrity moms banding together for kids' mental health.

$49.99 - $59.99
Plus, get a FREE handy dispenser!

Kids and Parents Love SPLATZ

The One Fun Story

One Fun™ Company creates playful personal care products for kids designed to turn ordinary tasks into extraordinary experiences, building healthy habits and spontaneous giggles as they work.

Cofounded in 2017 by an entrepreneurial designer (mom) and two Harvard / MIT scientists (dads), One Fun products are formulated with natural, biodegradable ingredients, made in the USA, and use refillable packaging.

As we know now, the simple act of washing one's hands has taken on new importance. With a gentle squeeze and an awesome SPLAT!, each SPLATZ soap bubble turns this essential and tedious task into good, clean fun.

SPLATZ vs Regular Soap

Regular Soap

• Boring & tedious for kids

• Harsh, drying ingredients

• Single use plastics

• Manufactured overseas


SPLATZ Naturally Fun Hand Soap

• Makes Hand Washing Fun for Kids

• Develops Healthy Hygienic Habits

• All-Natural & Biodegradable ingredients

• Supports, a kids' mental health organization