6 Brilliant Benefits of Bath Time

There are many activities that are essential when it comes to raising children, and bath time is one of themBath time is more than just a way to wash off caked-on mud and sticky grape juice. As it turns out, there are a whole bunch of benefits concealed within this simple evening routine. 


Let’s explore six benefits that demonstrate why bath time is so vital to your child’s health, happiness, and development. 


1. Gets children clean while having fun


Let’s face it, children get dirty, sticky, and sometimes, downright gross. Taking regular baths or showers with natural soap helps wash away germs that can cause illness and infection


Toddlers and young kids should spend some quality time in the tub two to three times per week, while tweens and teens should scrub up daily. More time in the tub may be in order when they get muddy or sweaty, or after being in a pool, lake, or ocean.



To wash the dirt and grime off, burst one SPLODEZ Bubble Bath & Body Wash pod on your child’s body, lather up, and rinse with warm water. To up the fun factor, let your child explode it somewhere fun, like their belly button, armpit, or chest. 


2. Encourages your child to wind down before bed


Bath time should ideally be a soothing experience where children and parents can settle down and transition from the hustle-bustle of the day to a relaxed state. Research shows that baths can slow a child’s heart rate and blood pressure and change brain waves in the direction of relaxation. This down-regulates their stress system and primes their body for a restful night’s sleep. For best results, experts suggest bathing children 90 minutes before their bedtime.


3. Allows for hands-on bonding 


While children tend to start bathing or showering on their own around age six, bathing littler kids is an excellent opportunity for distraction-free bonding. Caring for your child with hands-on, skin-to-skin contact helps build the parent-child connection. Bath time also promotes meaningful interactions that help shape a child’s rapidly-developing brain. 


4. Promotes funucation


Playtime in the bath is not only super fun—it contributes to your little one’s cognitive and emotional development in many ways. For example, playing with bubbles helps children develop hand-eye coordination, splashing helps teach children cause and effect, and filling and dumping cups of water introduces your child to concepts like volume, more, less, empty, and full. We call this “funucation,” meaning your child will learn how the world works while having fun!


To promote funucation, infuse the bath with entertaining, sensory additions like SPLODEZ Bubble Bath & Body Wash, various bath toys, and cups to scoop and pour water. Handling the different objects also improves your child’s fine motor skills, which are crucial for performing everyday skills like writing, shoe-tying, and zipping.[*]



To create a bubblicious bath ready for funucation, add about five SPLODEZ to rapidly running water while filling the tub and top it off with a variety of bath toys. Your child will have so much fun playing with the bubbles, hunting for SPLODEZ in the suds, and enjoying the assortment of toys.    


5. Teaches self-care 


Bath time is the perfect opportunity to teach your child self-care skills. From helping your little one wash their body to drying off with a towel, your child will learn how to care for themselves in a way that will benefit their health and well-being for a lifetime. 


6. Establishes routine 


Bath time is one of many routines that provides your child with a sense of structure, control, and stability. Not only do routines help children feel safe, but they break up the day in a way that helps them understand what comes next and what time of day it is. This helps with behavior and emotional regulation and makes getting your child to bed easier. 



Make bath time fun with SPLODEZ

Getting your child sparkly clean doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth. It can be something your child truly enjoys and looks forward to! Transform the bathtub into a personal water park, complete with SPLODEZ bubbles and toys galore. 


SPLODEZ Bubble Bath & Body Wash is lightly scented and, as with all One Fun products, free of silicones, parabens, sulfates, GMOs, PEGs, mineral oils, and petrolatum. Every 16-ounce container contains 120 SPLODEZ (about 20 baths). Ready to make bath time more fun, enjoyable, and sensory? Pick up a container of SPLODEZ today




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