Our Story

As parents, we know that proper, consistent handwashing is critical to keep our kids, family, and community safe. However, getting your kids to maintain a healthy, daily handwashing routine isn’t always easy, especially if your child has sensory triggers. With this in mind, the One Fun Company founders set out to rethink the handwashing process from a kid’s point of view.

Hi, I’m Alli Divincenzo. When my son was young, my husband and I struggled to get him to properly wash his hands after school and before dinner. He loved playing with tactile toys, such as water beads, slime, and anything that popped, but washing up with (boring old) hand soap was a struggle.


I knew I couldn’t be alone in this handwashing battle. Kids want to have fun, even while doing daily routines. Aha! I had a light bulb moment. I couldn’t change my kids, but I could change their soap! Just like that, the idea for SPLATZ was born. This naturally fun hand soap starts with a satisfying burst that makes washing up a fun treat instead of a dreaded task.

Since my background is in product design, not soap chemistry, I twirled the ol’ Rolodex and connected with Boston-based scientists Jeff Karp, Ph.D., and Yuhan Lee, Ph.D. With young kids of their own, they loved the idea and together, we spent hours in our kitchens developing our unique formula.

Though we started from a kid-centric point of view, we knew we wanted a product that worked as hard as it played. It also had to look good, smell good, and use clean, natural ingredients. Because we care about the environment almost as much as we care about our kids, being biodegradable and packed in reusable or recyclable jars was also at the top of our “must have” list. All told, it was a tall, daunting order. After many fails and quiet lulls, we created a shelf-stable prototype ready to test with kids and families in January 2020.  

In March 2020, the world was flipped upside down with a global pandemic and the simple act of washing one’s hands took on a new importance. Our new popping hand soap formula drew attention and kids used sample bottles enthusiastically. Parents gave us feedback and the common thread was that kids wanted “more, more, more!

Over the next several months, we prepped and opened our own One Fun Lab in New England, hired a fantastic young crew of lab workers, and built this website. On November 21, 2020, we launched SPLATZ which, at that point, were made by hand! Thanks to customers like you and your helpful feedback, we continued to tweak and improve our formulas and offerings.

Meet the One Fun Crew

Our first hire was University of Delaware grad, Bryce Cushing. With a triple threat major/minor in Mechanical Engineering, Biomechanics Engineering, and Business Administration, Bryce helped us build everything One Fun, from formula and packaging to fulfillment and management to customer service. Soon after, Bryce brought on board one of his closest friends and now star employee, Matt Golden. With a degree in Ocean Sciences from the University of Rhode Island, Matt shared many of our core values, especially environmental protection.  

Since Matt and Bryce were making SPLATZ by hand—an arduous process—they were eagerly determined to develop a more hands-off approach. With the help of our next hire, Ian Bellerose and his computer science expertise from Arizona State, the team successfully built a one-of-a-kind SPLATZ making machine.

Today, SPLATZ is in homes across the U.S., improving lives one bursting pod at a time. We’ve also expanded our product line to include SPLODEZ, an exploding bubble bath and body wash.

We hope when you and your little ones use SPLATZ and SPLODEZ, it makes your whole family giggle and smile—and makes parenting easier!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email us at crew@onefun.com. Also, don’t forget to follow us on social media @OneFunCo and spread the word by tagging #splatz in your posts. We appreciate the love and send it right back!