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Your Mom Cares Impact

From day one at the One Fun™ Company, we knew we wanted our brand to make a difference. Our company was founded by three parents with a mission to design products to make kids happy and parents' lives easier. Our core values combine our love for our families and kids, respect for the Earth, and honoring the creative explorer in all of us. 

As we worked fervently this past year to develop, produce, and distribute SPLATZ™, we met all kinds of people and heard a lot of stories. Unfortunately, the pandemic took a toll on many things, including mental health and well-being. A day doesn't go by that we don't hear of a child suffering from anxiety, depression and isolation, or a parent feeling they’re at their limit and have nowhere to turn. Every tale breaks my own heart. Social distancing has affected all of us, and it will take more than just time to heal these wounds. 

But from the day we started testing SPLATZ with kids and families, we also heard laughter, lightness and this kind of feedback: 

   "It's so satisfying!"

   "My kids actually ask to wash hands; I haven't had to beg them with SPLATZ by the sink, thank you!"

   "Feels so good in my hands. I love to pop them."

   "Do you make this for adults?"

A daily routine that was causing stress and anxiety in children and parents was no longer. Washing up, constantly, was actually fun, creative, energizing and ... healthy. 

We were making a difference! But we needed to make a bigger impact.

When I discovered a personal connection with one of the founding moms of YourMomCares.org, it lit a spark.

One Fun™ Company has joyfully partnered with YourMomCares, a 501(c)3 organization that funds innovative and impactful solutions that address today's kids' mental wellness challenges. With each purchase of SPLATZ, One Fun Company will donates a percentage of sales to YourMomCares.org.


About YourMomCares.org

In 2014, #YMC Co-Founders and longtime friends Sharon Feldstein (Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein’s Mom) and Patsy Noah (Adam Levine’s Mom) were brought together by the White House along with other moms, including Terria Joseph (Alicia Keys’ mom) to do a PSA for the Affordable Care Act. Inspired by the amazing group of women and leaders involved and immediately recognizing the power in the “Your Mom Cares” concept, Sharon, Patsy, and Terria received permission from the White House to take ownership of the brand and #ymc was born.