The Benefits of a Handwashing Sticker Chart for Children

It’s a message worth repeating again and again—hand washing is the best way to prevent the spread of germs. It’s especially important for children who, let’s face it, are germ magnets and like to touch anything and everything.  


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The thing is, getting your kids to wash their hands regularly (and keeping track of when they’re doing so) can be a real challenge. That’s where a handwashing sticker chart comes in! In fact, combining SPLATZ™ Naturally Fun Hand Soap with a sticker chart is a surefire way to get your little ones jazzed about handwashing. 

So, what exactly is a handwashing sticker chart and what are the benefits of using one? Let’s find out!

What is a handwashing sticker chart? 

A sticker chart is a type of positive behavior reward system. The chart itself looks like a calendar, which displays a grid with the days of the week. When a child completes a desired behavior—in this case, washing their hands—they’re given a sticker to place on the chart. 


SPLATZ Handwashing Chart, make handwashing fun for kids

Often times, if children meet a certain goal (i.e. washing their hands at least twice a day for an entire week or month), they receive a small reward, such as a piece of candy, a new book, or a trip to their favorite park. 

What are the benefits of using a handwashing sticker chart? 

While you might be questioning the effectiveness of a sticker chart, don’t underestimate the power of this simple tool. Here are the top benefits. 


1. Encourages handwashing

The idea behind a sticker chart is that children will do things they don’t necessarily want to do or feel inclined to do if they know it will lead to a reward.   

For many kids, especially really little ones, the simple act of receiving colorful stickers to place on the chart is enough of a reward to motivate them. For others, particularly older kids, you might have to up the ante a bit by offering a “bigger ticket” prize, such as a lollipop, bouncy ball, or special outing, if they hit their goal.    

In those cases, give your child a few different prize options, let them choose which prize they want, and be clear about the parameters (i.e. we can go out for ice cream once you get 15 stickers). Kids are more motivated to do things when they’ve been given choices and know what they’re working towards. 

Kids receiving reward of ice cream, SPLATZ handwashing chart

2. Helps you keep track of how often your kids are washing their hands

As a busy parent, it’s not always easy to keep tabs on your kids’ day-to-day habits. Sticker charts act as a visual representation of your children’s handwashing behavior, allowing you to see if they’re sticking to their goal or falling behind. 

If you notice they’re sticking to their goal, give them praise by telling them they’re doing a great job and that you’re proud of them. If you notice they’re missing days, remind them about the importance of handwashing and talk with them about how to get back on track. Never take stickers away or your child will lose motivation fast! 

 Handwashing Chart Sticker Fun One Fun SPLATZ


3. Enhances the fun factor 

Sticker charts are not only a learning tool—they’re super fun, too! Kids love colors, stickers, and receiving something fun in exchange for good behavior. A sticker chart adds an element of creativity and entertainment to an otherwise boring everyday task. 

To make handwashing simply irresistible to your children (yes, really!), use a sticker chart and SPLATZ™ Naturally Fun Hand Soap. SPLATZ is a fun, sensory hand soap that comes in small, squishy, biodegradable bubbles. When kids squeeze the bubbles, they literally SPLAT (burst), dispensing the perfect amount of natural soap into their hands. Using a sticker chart and SPLATZ will have your children asking you if they can wash their hands!

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The bottom line on handwashing sticker charts

Sticker charts are a fun and effective way to help your kids develop a handwashing habit. So, where do you get one of these magical charts? You’re in luck! Every order from One Fun Company comes with a handwashing chart and a sheet of colorful stickers. Score!

Be sure to place the chart in the bathroom, by the kitchen sink, or somewhere else they’ll regularly see it. For the best results, let your child put a sticker on the chart immediately after washing their hands, as this is the most effective way to build a positive association.

With a sticker chart and SPLATZ on your team, your child will be happily washing their hands in no time! 


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