Why SPLATZ Makes a Great Gift for Children

Finding unique party favors, stocking stuffers, and gifts that children will actually use and enjoy can be tricky. After all, you want to find items that children will enjoy, but something that won’t immediately break or result in cavities. If you’ve been wracking your brain and scouring the internet for ideas, we have some good news—your search is over! Allow us to introduce you to SPLATZ—a sensory hand soap that comes in small, biodegradable bubbles.


SPLATZ would be perfect to include in goodie bags and Christmas stockings, or to use as a white elephant or birthday gift. This one-of-a-kind soap is sure to put a huge smile on the face of any child who receives it. Still not sure if these curious, gooey balls of soap are what you’re looking for? Here are the top seven reasons why SPLATZ makes an excellent gift.


  1. It’s fun and sensory

Yes, SPLATZ is soap, but it’s a super fun soap that’s disguised as an entertaining, sensory toy. SPLATZ are squishy, slippery balls of soap that come in a cute jar with a cool hand-shaped scoop. To use the soap, kids simply scoop out one ball and squeeze it with their fingers or between their palms. When squeezed, the soap bubbles literally SPLAT (burst), dispensing the perfect amount of soap into their hands.


  1. It comes in full-size and mini-size options

SPLATZ comes in either full-size (8oz) jars or mini-size (3oz) jars—perfect for all your gift-giving needs. The full-size jar makes a great white elephant gift or birthday gift and is available to purchase as a single jar or a bundle of three jars.

The mini jars are ideal for use as party favors or stocking stuffers and are available to purchase as a single jar, or in bundles of three jars, six jars, or 12 jars.


  1. It encourages healthy handwashing habits 

Using SPLATZ is so much fun that handwashing will no longer be something you’ll have to beg or bribe your kids to do. It will feel more like playtime than a chore or something they need to do “because you said so.” In fact, it’s not uncommon for kids to actually beg to wash their hands with SPLATZ. We know—you’ll have to see it to believe it!

When handwashing becomes a fun activity that kids actually want to do, it instills healthy handwashing habits that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.


  1. It comes in bright colors and nice scents

While giving a regular bar of white soap as a children’s gift would probably lead to some looks of confusion and pouty faces, SPLATZ is totally different. The balls of soap come in three fun, bright colors, each with their own kid-friendly scent. Turquoise Sky has a breezy, citrus scent, Magenta Rose has a fresh, floral scent, and Green Apple has a naturally clean, crisp scent. 

SPLATZ smells and looks so appealing, kids will be running to the sink to wash their hands with these irresistible bubbles.  


  1. It’s ideal for kids with special tactile or sensory needs

Children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and cognitive disabilities often experience varying degrees of tactile hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity. This means when they touch things or things touch them, they may respond to the sensory information differently than the majority of children.

While all kids love SPLATZ, it’s especially loved by kids with special tactile or sensory needs. We’ve heard from about two dozen parents with kids on the autism spectrum who said SPLATZ has helped with potty training and hand hygiene.


  1. It’s safe for young kids and made natural

SPLATZ was developed by three parents, two of which are Harvard/MIT scientists. As parents ourselves, we set out to create a product that we would feel completely comfortable using on our own children. We use only natural and biodegradable ingredients that are gentle and safe for kids, as well as the environment.

  1. Every sale supports an important nonprofit

As the cherry on top, every purchase of SPLATZ supports YourMomCares, a nonprofit of celebrity and influencer moms banding together for kids' mental health. By gifting SPLATZ, you’ll not only be helping the children in your life, but also the lives of children that you don’t even know! How cool is that?

Give the gift of good, clean fun!

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, giving the gift of hygiene is more important than ever. If your children love SPLATZ, we encourage you to gift fellow parents and teachers SPLATZ so that the children in their lives can experience good, clean fun, too. The more germ-free, little hands we have, the safer and happier our children and world at large will be!

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