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"Our 5 year old asks us to wash hands with SPLATZ, now that’s priceless!" - Angela S.

One Fun Company Hand Washing Fun For Kids SPLATZ SPLODEZ

Your kids will beg you to wash hands with SPLATZ! Satisfaction guaranteed.

Kids Love It! The balls of fun soap literally go "SPLAT!" when washing, a thrill every time.

Washing More. No more asking your kids to wash, they will ask YOU to wash.

Healthy Family. Protect your kids from nasty germs and viruses with good habits.

Gentle, Natural, and Biodegradable Ingredients. Good for your kids and for the earth.

Made in the USA!

Supports Kids Mental Health with every purchase.

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Kids and Parents Love SPLATZ

The One Fun Story

One Fun™ Company creates playful personal care products for kids designed to turn ordinary tasks into extraordinary experiences, building healthy habits and spontaneous giggles as they work.

Cofounded in 2017 by an entrepreneurial designer (mom) and two Harvard / MIT scientists (dads), One Fun products are formulated with natural, biodegradable ingredients, made in the USA, and use refillable packaging.

As we know now, the simple act of washing one's hands has taken on new importance. With a gentle squeeze and an awesome SPLAT!, each SPLATZ soap bubble turns this essential and tedious task into good, clean fun.

SPLATZ vs Typical Hand Soap

Soft Soap Honest Co. Johnson & Johnson
Natural & Earth Friendly Ingredients
Designed for Kids 3-12
Made in USA

One Fun Lab Connecticut




Frequently Asked Questions

Just because our products are super fun doesn't mean we compromise on quality or safety. The One Fun Company founders are a team concerned parents, just like you. We source only natural and biodegradable ingredients; our products are earth-friendly, gentle on skin and safe for kids. We made sure our ingredients pass the Whole Foods' approval checklist.

Ingredients: Water, cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine, lauryl glucoside, sodium lauryl sarcosinate, sodium PCA, calcium and sodium salts, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, natural thickening agents, DL panthenol, colorant, fragrances, citric acid.

Made Without: Parabens, BHT, synthetic dyes, phthalates, mineral oil.

The ingredients we use do not contain gluten. Please see full list of ingredients above. Our New England based manufacturing lines are cleaned and sanitized daily and between production runs. Note: We do not run trace allergen testing on the product.

Protecting the environment is one of our primary values. Our lab is based in the USA, New England to be exact, and we do our best to source raw materials as close to home as possible. Since glass is too dangerous to use in the bathroom with kids, we have carefully chosen our plastics - PETE 1 - to make them easy for you to recycle right in your bin at home. Our 12oz "Handy Dispenser" can be rinsed and reused with our 20oz refills. We also use biodegradable packing peanuts made from corn starch during transit. Please recycle your shipping boxes or reuse them to make cowboy hats!

Each SPLATZ shell or skin is made from natural, food-grade and biodegradable ingredients. You may wash the shells down the drain, and are septic tank friendly. The shells are made from alginate (algae) and they will return to nature. You may also throw them away in the garbage or add to them your compost.

SPLATZ are made with natural, gentle and safe-for-kids ingredients. If several soap balls are ingested, drink plenty of water and contact your pediatrician.